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Please download here the proceedings of the workshop


1. Susanne Zänker, Director General A.I.S.E. - Welcome
2. Jan van der Meulen, Managing Director CEPE - Welcome
3. Ludovic Chatelin, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE -The BPR legal framework and the review programme
4. Didier Leroy , Technical Director CEPE - Addressing the future availability of in-can preservatives
5. Hanne Jensen, R&D Manager Biology, Jotun - The future availability of preservatives
6. Rodolphe Quérou, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, DowDuPont -Innovation for biocides: a supplier’s perspective
7. Jan Lorenzen, Senior Project Manager, Danish Technological Institute - Alternative to biocides: downstream users’ perspectives
8. Elodie Cazelle, Senior Scientific & Regulatory Manager, A.I.S.E. - Innovation for biocides downstream users' perspectives - The case of detergents
9. Johanna Bernsel, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG GROW - CLP: hazard warning for skin sensitising substances and consequences under the BPR
10. Gerard Luijkx, Regulatory Affairs Manager Home Care, Unilever -Skin sensitization for treated articles - Detergent industry's perspective

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